Club Code of Conduct

Great Bentley Youth F.C. have a strict policy regarding the codes of conduct expected of the Players, Parents/ Carers and Coaching staff.

We aim to ensure that all involved are in a safe and enjoyable environment and that no-one is exposed to or subjected to foul or abusive language, feels threatened by anybodies behaviour.

Our Aim...

We support all initiatives that are aimed at introducing fair play and respect to and by all those involved in football. We expect any person involved, as a coach or a spectator, home or away, to abide by guidelines set, understand the requirements, demonstrate an understanding by following the guidelines and acting as role model to all. We also expect players to follow the code and demonstrate their understanding and appreciation. As a club we have embraced the Football Association Respect campaign and require that all involved in and associated to the Club follow the F.A. Codes of conduct

We expect that respect and tolerance is demonstrated at all times by everyone whether as a coach a player or a spectator.

Failure to abide by these guidelines may lead to those involved being banned from the club.
Please read the codes of conduct available on the website or your membership pack as by registering a child with the club automatically means you are committing to these codes.
If you have an issue please feel free to speak to one of the coaches at an appropriate time - not in front of the children

We encourage you to learn more about what the Football Association are doing here